Plug Socket Replacement Nottingham

 C&S Maintenance Works Ltd provide professional plug socket replacement in Nottingham.

We’re happy to install, repair, and replace any plug socket in Nottingham, for whatever reason you might want them replaced – maybe your sockets are really old, and they can’t hold the plugs anymore, or perhaps the sockets are now discoloured, and you want new ones to match your décor, or maybe you want to replace a single socket with a double? 

Whatever the reason, C&S Maintenance Works Ltd is happy to come and replace or mend them for you as one of our property maintenance services in Nottingham.

Old plug sockets can be a fire hazard, so it’s essential you use the professionals when it comes to plug socket replacement or repairs. C&S Maintenance Works Ltd can replace all types of electrical sockets if new ones are required and can repair existing ones that have become damaged or degraded.

We can offer you the latest electrical sockets on the market, which include a number of high-end finishes and ultra-trendy USB sockets.

You can choose from a surface or flush-mounted plugs – surface may be easier to install or replace, but from an aesthetic perspective, flush-mounts are better as they are literally flush with the wall – whichever you decide, you should always use a professional to carry out the electrical work.

24/7 Emergencies

Our team of highly-skilled and qualified technicians is more than competent in handling anything electrical, which saves you the hassle and concern of changing your sockets yourself.

C&S Maintenance Works Ltd is fully insured, and all of our work is covered by complete electrical safety guarantees, which gives all of our customer’s complete peace of mind when it comes to dealing with anything to do with us working with electricity in their home or workplace.



We aim to be the best providers of plug socket replacement and repairs in Nottingham, and no matter what the job is, however large or small it is, we are up for the challenge.

C&S Maintenance Works Ltd carry out all of your plug socket repair work in the most cost-effective way, with transparent prices and an extremely competitive rate.

You need to know you are in safe hands, and C&S Maintenance Works Ltd, with their electrical knowledge and expertise can give you instant peace of mind when it comes to electrical fittings and carrying out of the repairs or replacements.

Our Services

We can repair, replace, or upgrade your plug sockets and our services include:

So, if your plug sockets have become scorched or damaged or you just want an upgrade, C&S Maintenance Works Ltd is the professionals to call if you are in Nottingham or surrounding areas.

If you want a competitively priced, friendly, and punctual company to install, repair, or replace your electrical sockets, then look no further as C&S Maintenance Works Ltd.’s team of highly-trained technicians can be at your home or office in no time at all.

Ring C&S Maintenance Works Ltd today and get plugged in by the professionals!

Contact our friendly and expert team today or give us a call for more information on how we can help. We provide an extensive range of handyman and painting and decorating services in Nottingham.

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